Returning Home to Our Bodies Returning Home to Our Bodies

Returning Home to Our Bodies

Reimagining the Relationship Between Our Bodies and the World--Practices for connecting somatics, nature, and social change

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For readers of adrienne maree brown, Staci K. Haines, and Robin Wall Kimmerer

A body-based healing model that interrogates what we’ve been wrongly taught about hierarchies of nature and the body—and pushes back against the white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy, and capitalism embedded in modern embodiment practices.

Pushing back against a consumerist, pleasure-centric somatics industry that privileges product over process, Abigail Rose Clarke reminds us that truly meaningful embodiment practice nurtures our relationships among self, nature, and community.

Combining the rigor of the scientific method with the poetry and lyricism of movement and somatic studies, Clarke’s somatic learning system—The Embodied Life Method—centers the body as a guide through today’s most seemingly intractable social and environmental challenges, reclaiming the body as a source of liberatory comfort in times of great uncertainty and yet, possibility. 

With tools and practices to help us better understand and dismantle the many ways our bodies are weaponized to serve domination systems, topics covered include:

Harnessing the vitality of curiosity and experimentationUsing nature as a guide to possibilityEmbracing the necessity of differenceExposing the lie of universal isolationDismantling the fallacy of hierarchyUncovering the truth of endless capacityAwe as a driving force for transformation
With methods honed over decades of inquiry, teaching, and practice, Returning Home to Our Bodies provides a lucid, body-based model of healing and restoration—one that imagines a world beyond systems of domination, marginalization, and isolation to nurture embodied, whole-community liberation.

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