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The School of Exorcists is growing on Ruby Carmichael. She’s in love and excels in her new classes and she’s just turned seventeen, an important time for all magic users.

False friendships and the temptation of dark magic threaten everything Ruby has grown to love and when she makes a mistake, it threatens her whole world.

A final tragedy hits and Ruby struggles to survive in the strange and magic laced world of The School of Exorcists.

In this fast paced teen and YA paranormal romance and magic school adventure series, Ruby has the support of her undead friend Andreas, her boyfriend, and mind reader, Zander Ford, and her best friend Annabel, a wickedly talented spell caster. 

The road to happiness continues to be thwarted by unstable ghosts, dark magic crazed family members.

Revelations: Book 2 in the School of Exorcists teen and YA paranormal romance and magic school adventure series, features action, undead, romance, magic and mystery. 

Q & A with the Author 

Q - How would you describe The School of Exorcists series? 

A - The School of Exorcists is a mix of teen and YA romance and adventure, sc-fi and fantasy, with lots of paranormal and magic bumps along the way. I've always enjoyed reading books aimed at teens and young adults, especially coming of age series best sellers, they speak to my own inner teen, so you'll find lots of this throughout the series. 

Q - Why did you want to write paranormal romance and adventure novels? 

A - I love thinking about love and re-imagining my own teenage years, making them much more exciting! This series has been ten years in the writing and Ruby Carmichael and her paranormal adventures and romance can now be released for others to immerse themselves into. I wanted to write young teen and young adult books that engaged and excited readers of all ages and I hope The School of Exorcists has achieved that. 

Q - What does it mean to you when readers buy your books? 

A - I get a huge smile on my face, it great to know people enjoy my writing. Paranormal romance and adventure books can get a bad rap, but I will always enjoy this type of writing, and if I never sell another book and the best seller list isn't for me, I will still write paranormal books because I love them. The School of Exorcists has so many stories to tell, lots of undead, plenty of ghosts and magic by the bucket load. The School is going to keep me busy for years, and I hope readers will enjoy this journey with me. 

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