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Hello, my name is Michele.  I dedicate my story to anyone who has ever had a reason to give up on life and God.  My hearts desire is for people to be encouraged, not by my life, but by what God has done through my life.  This book is not about me. It is about the one who created me, and saved me from death so many times.  I once heard a preacher, Myles Munroe, say, God salvages (saves} people and puts them back together so he can use them for what he originally planned on using them for.

What I was born to do caused God to save me.  God has a plan for all of us, and he will save you, too.  God has revealed to me that my childhood and my life have been faith builders that he has used to strengthen my faith in Him.

Lord God, please guide my hands and heart as I begin to tell my life story to all who need a little faith.  Thank you Lord, for never leaving me alone, for being faithful in salvaging me to Glorify You.

"The last two years of their marriage, my dad began to drink a lot.  I was in bed sleeping when I was awakened by a loud noise, I wasn't sure what it was.  I saw my dads face.  He got me out of bed.  My brother wasn't there that evening.  He was at my uncles house where my dad was staying because my parents were separated.  He took me into the living room where I saw the front door lying in the middle of the room. He had kicked it completely down.  He sat me in the corner, while I watched him abuse my mother.  I was only 4 years old, and that was the earliest memory of my dad.  It was the only one that I would have for a long time.  I cannot possibly tell you the impression, the visions, the distorted idea of love that was imbedded in my mind that night.  I was so young and all I could think was that my dad was trying to kill my mom."

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