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"Romantic Images of You: Where My Heart Belongs" is a collection of poems and short stories about pure love and constant desire from the hearts of two people who spend time away from each other. David Stuart is the highly creative, success-driven, and sought-after promotional presentation producer, and Tiaunna, the woman with whom he has fallen in love with.

Her life as an art gallery owner is filled with success, and her world is consumed with her love for the man who captured her heart in a matter of seconds.

From the first page to the last, the reader will feel an emotional connection to both of these fascinating individuals. Inside the couple's world of passion and the simple beauty of caring for each other.

The reader will experience David's first hello, which begins the love affair and occasional departures from his beloved as he travels the country on work-related adventures to embark on new projects.

When he ends his day and is alone David's thoughts are always on Tiaunna and the times they shared. The author shares these special moments with the reader: a long phone call, a warm touch from Tiaunna, a kiss, a close embrace, or simply the days and nights they spent together.

This love affair is by no means over--David's thoughts keep them close when they are apart. The love they share was built on real love that forced its way deep inside their hearts, and as the days go by, David expresses himself through the poems he writes for Tiaunna.

When David grieves, he makes the reader sincerely enjoy the way he misses Tiaunna. His thoughts are not sad; rather, they are the dreams and imaginations of the love they share as a couple. Their connection shows clearly that love is something far beyond the imagination or the chemicals in our brain. These are real, intimate feelings.

This is truly a classic and brilliant piece of work. As the reader, you will travel to the places in the minds of this couple and the locations they share--some private and some public.

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abril 24
Don S. McClure
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