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She saved the city, but at what cost?

Sierra Runar awakens to find the Guardian attack averted and the city of Vegas in ruin. But through the destructive victory she has gained a powerful enemy, a now-sentient robot named Titan, who is eager to seek revenge for Sierra's actions. Sierra now has to grapple with guilt and fear as she questions if she's caused more harm than good.

Fearing for the life of her mother, Sierra ventures back to the Sphere accompanied by new allies. Danger awaits as she unlocks the secrets of her past, and the origin of her powers. But the cost of those answers may be the lives of the ones she loves.

Will Sierra be able to rescue her mother and stop Titan's plan for revenge? Will she choose to save her friends, or the future of humanity?

Picking up where Lies the Guardians Tell leaves off, Secrets of the Sphere leads Sierra further on her search for truth, and her quest to discover what it truly means to be alive.

abril 13
Herman Steuernagel
Draft2Digital, LLC

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