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Much of what determines the ranking position of your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs) are various signals in the form of links from other sites and social sharing. If your web page, article, or post content isn’t good enough to attract good, natural links and social sharing, it doesn’t matter how “optimized” the words on the page are.
Positioning a website at the top of search engine results page has become a somewhat hard endeavor. Online marketers and businesses are finding it hard to attract targeted visitors through search engine optimization. To most of them, SEO is an alien concept – something only a few can master. It has become difficult because search engines are now clever. They want you to provide value to the users and not just crappy keywords-stuffed content.
But doing SEO is a really simple concept. When you sit down and plan to beat your competitors in search engine ranking position within your business or niche, you have to ask yourself a big question:
It’s from this line of thinking that you’ll be able to do what everyone call search engine optimization – SEO. SEO is about getting links and other signals naturally by writing compelling content. It’s what online marketers call content marketing.
But getting links by writing compelling content is hard, in fact it’s the hardest part of search engine optimization. Because you need to write content that’s original, authentic and helpful and present it in such a way that it satisfy both the search engine and users (readers). That is why you need to learn how to write beneficial content to the readers and present it to the search engines in a way they can understand.
To master the art of search engine optimization so that it can benefit your business online requires you to fulfill two things:
1.To be a smart online content creator capable of satisfying the needs and desires of your audience.
That’s when you become a good SEO copywriter. You create content that’s so useful that it appeal to the needs and desires of your audience.
2.The ability to weave needs and desires very well on your content before it can show up in the search engines.
When you do this, people will share your content links through various channels. They’ll link and bookmark from blogs, like, plus one, and retweet from social media platforms.
So the overall art of search engine optimization is summed up in one important concept: providing compelling benefits to the web readers in the form of content. As search engines continue to evolve by incorporating smarter search algorithms, people-powered social media sharing will deliver links and traffic as a reward for writing compelling content.
In this book, I’ll show you how to do SEO the right way. Prepare yourself for the action packed content of well researched book about search engine optimization. You will be amazed at how easy is to attract targeted traffic that will do anything you want them to do, even if you won’t immediately become number one in search engine results page for your industry or niche.

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Samwel Katambi
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