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This title contains two independently published novellas of terror, collecting "Oil Smudges" and "Circles Have Unsafe Dimensions" together for the first time.

Terror has many shapes and faces. In Smudges and Circles, Daniel R. Robichaud presents two aspects of terror, telling a ghostly story of corporate mis-management and a grueling tale of survival against monstrous odds and menaces.

"Oil Smudges" tells the tale of an oil and gas technology manager who is more interested in covering his own ass than in doing the best job he can. George Wishing has been tied to several high profile projects, but when some of those projects begin to have disastrous field results, George tries to move himself as far from those projects as possible. However, he soon learns that neither guilt nor ghosts are so easily escaped.

"Circles Have Unsafe Dimensions" tells the story of the Hash House Harriers, a drinking club (with a running problem) who play a modern day Hounds and Hares game. Groups can be found in every major city around the world. They gather for weekly events and this story joins one such group of hounds following their hare's trail into the storm drains of San Antonio. The trail is supposed to culminate in circle, a place to perform silly songs and share in camaraderie. However, circle is not the only thing awaiting them in the dark underground. A horror has been gathering its strength, breeding out of sight, and it is hungry. Oh, so hungry. Now, the Hash House Harriers must find a way to escape before all their avenues of escape are cut off and their lives are cut short.

Terror waits for those daring enough to delve into these worlds. Be thankful if you are gasping when you reach the end. At least you are still alive . . .

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
diciembre 2
Twice Told Tales II
Smashwords, Inc.

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