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The 82nd is advancing closer to Germany. They have reached the eastern side of Belgium, a dense forest known as the Ardennes. Once past the Ardennes, they have short journey across Luxembourg before they cross into the Reich for the final destruction of Hitler’s forces.

To their astonishment 1st Platoon runs into a unit of Allied soldiers. Men who shouldn’t be there, for the 82nd is in the forefront of the advance. The soldiers are in American uniform, driving an American Willys jeep. Yet they are Germans, and they have inadvertently run into the first part of a Nazi plan for a surprise attack to blunt the Allied advance toward Germany. Ray Cassidy and Harry Byrd on point, and they manage to kill the disguised Germans, but the fight is not over. They narrowly avoid a Panther heavy tank and trailing in its wake four, half-tracks. German half-tracks, filled German soldiers wearing American uniforms. Part of a concerted effort to flood the Ardennes forest with disguised soldiers, and 1st Platoon races to relay a warning to headquarters. Outnumbered and forced to fight their way through men wearing the uniforms of their own army. Knowing if they fail the Germans will indulge in an orgy of bloodletting when they penetrate Allied lines.

Heroes of the 82nd Airborne Book 7 – Sneak Attack is the seventh work of shortread fiction set during the Second World War. The book is a collaboration between Todd McLeod and Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of more than fifty war novels.

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