Southeastern USA Female vs Male Submission Wrestling

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We love organizing Female vs Male wrestling and domination encounters. Who are the "we" I am refering to? Wanda, Dan and myself (Ken) are all passionate about strong, skilled, kick-ass women. We organized this event in south Georgia and we were able to get all of these ladies together for some man-taming fun. While it can be a blast to experience fem-dom in private, having spectators and a team/group environment brings everything to whole new, heightened level.

Celene, Raine and Gayle are new to this ebook series, but they are not new when it comes to man-taming. One look at Celene's pictures and you'll see why we adore her so much. Celene shares her experiences at the event and elsewhere during his journey as kick-ass woman. She isn't big, but Celene is skilled, strong and she has an electric personality and a lethal set of moves! Raine is more of a punk-rock girl, but don't let that fool you, she's a very devoted, dedicated martial artist and a very dominant woman! If you like round glutes and Head-scissor knockouts, you'll fall in love with the twenty-three-year-old beauty. Gayle is another stunning beauty. She has gorgeous curves and muscles that are such to make you admire her again and again. Gayle tells (almost) all and sheds a ton of light of the male vs female dynamic in relationships and in training.

We are also thrilled to have Shawna, Kristina and Sandra join us to wrestle at this great event. Shawna is a big, strong lady and she once again wrestles against her husband. See how it goes when a woman with weight, strength and experience advantages has spectators watch her do her thing. This is one blonde bombshell you will NOT want to miss! Kristina is a thick, powerful African-American beauty with an amazing set of thighs and biceps to die for! Sandra is over fifty-years-old and she keeps getting better and better. Sandra's pictures will drive you wild and her attitude will amaze and intrigue you. See why readers have fallen in love with all three of these man-tamers.

This ebook ends with a session review and an amazing group of links that you won't want to miss. These are some of the best places you can go to see muscular, tough, kick-ass women. Some of these sites are mixed wrestling focused while others are for fans of female bodybuilders and other related areas. The session review showcases one of Atlanta's true treasures! One look at this lady's amazing thighs and gorgeous smile and you'll book your session!

If you like strong, skilled, muscular women, then this ebook is for you! Remember to check out all of our other offerings as well!

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18 de octubre
Ken Phillips and Wanda Lea
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