Stoicism: Leadership, Discipline, Mindset, Wisdom and Spiritual Exercises of the Virtuous Stoic Ethics. Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Destructive Emotions and Become the Very Best Version of Yourself

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Stoicism: Leadership, Discipline, Mindset, Habits and Spiritual Exercises of the virtuous Stoic Ethics. Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Destructive Emotions and become the very best version of Yourself


Have you been feeling like something is missing? Do you often feel like your emotions get the best of you and that you do and say things that you don't really mean? Do you run into trouble with relationships and others at home, at work, in business or whatever because you feel like you need to control the situation—but the situation tends to do whatever it wants instead?

This is the way many of us live our modern lives. We feel unhappy and alone—and oftentimes, we let our emotions determine what is going to happen next.

However, this is a miserable way to live life. There will always be things in our lives that we wish we could control but can't—and getting upset and letting negative emotions take over can lead us to have a reaction that doesn't fit with the situation.

This is where the idea of Stoicism can come into play. Instead of letting something else be in control, we learn how to make ourselves the ones leading our lives. Being able to do this is at the core of Stoicism and how it can benefit everyone.

While we can't control all of the situations and things that happen in our lives, we can have control over the way that we react and behave with these situations.

This guidebook is going to give you a comprehensive overview of all the powerful teachings, principles and practical spiritual exercises contextualized in our modern life that have been adopted by some of the most successful philosophers in history.

This guide book will take some time to discuss Stoicism and the various parts that come with its teachings. There is so much to learn and love about Stoicism—even in our modern world. Some of the topics that we will discuss concerning Stoicism and how it can help us improve our lives include:
What Stoicism is all about;How to understand when some things are in our power and some are not;How to live according to nature—rather than against it;The virtues and character of a true StoicWhy material possessions aren't going to lead to happiness;How to deal with anxiety, depression and negative emotionsPractical ways to become a better friend and a perfect partnerThe importance of role models and how you can use the question, "What would Batman do?" to help you be a Stoic.How Stoicism can help us build better relationships; andThe very best 8 spiritual exercises that will create a Stoic in You
If you are tired of living life like you are always on the run and want to be able to increase your happiness, your contentment, and even your relationships—this guidebook has the answers for you.

It doesn't matter who you are right now, how many time you've felt guilty, how many failures you've experienced and how many times you've already tried to be a better person following this theory and that therapy. Stoicism has a really simple and practical approach that will guide you step-by-step to turn your life  around by providing you with the right prospectives of the reality we live in.

So, make sure to check it out and learn how you can implement the ideas of Stoicism and all is philosophies into your life as well.

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Jimmie Powell
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