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Michael Jackson died with six different drugs in his body, and the coroner stated that Propofol intoxication and the benzodiazepine effect produced by Lorazepam were the causes of death. What are the effects of these drugs, and why was Michael Jackson using them the day he died? Why did Michael Jackson start abusing prescription drugs in the first place, and how did years of prescription drug abuse make his death more likely? How could Michael Jackson have avoided death? The nineteen chapters in this book include the complete text of the Los Angeles Coroner's anesthesiology consultation report, their summary of toxicological findings, nontechnical descriptions the drugs that led to Michael Jackson's death, explanations of key medical concepts and over a hundred references from medical, pharmacology and toxicology journals.

The upcoming trial of Michael Jackson's doctor will hinge on various types of medical evidence. Those who want to understand the nature and significance of the medical evidence that will emerge during the course of the trial will find that this book explains medical concepts relevant to the death of Michael Jackson using easy-to-understand, nontechnical English that can be understood by readers who do not have a scientific background.

Table Of Contents

Chapter One
Michael Jackson And Propofol (Diprivan(r))
The Cause Of Death

Chapter Two
Michael Jackson And Lorazepam (Ativan(r))
The Contributory Factor To Death

Chapter Three
Michael Jackson And Midazolam (Versed(r))

Chapter Four
Michael Jackson And Diazepam (Valium(r))

Chapter Five
Michael Jackson And Lidocaine (Xylocaine(r))

Chapter Six
Michael Jackson And Ephedrine

Chapter Seven
Michael Jackson And Flumazenil (Anexate(r))

Chapter Eight
Michael Jackson And Alprazolam (Xanax(r))

Chapter Nine
Michael Jackson And Meperidine (Demerol(r))

Chapter Ten
Michael Jackson And Prednisone

Chapter Eleven
Michael Jackson And Alcoholism

Chapter Twelve
Michael Jackson And Lifestyle Problems

Chapter Thirteen
How Michael Jackson Could Have Avoided Death

Chapter Fourteen
Los Angeles County Department Of Coroner
Statement On The Death Of Michael Jackson

Chapter Fifteen
Search Warrant And Affidavit
State Of California, County Of Los Angeles

Chapter Sixteen
Los Angeles County Department Of Coroner
Coroner's Report
Autopsy Report

Chapter Seventeen
Los Angeles County Department Of Coroner
Coroner's Report
Anesthesiology Consultation

Chapter Eighteen
Los Angeles County Department Of Coroner
Coroner's Report
Summary Of Positive Toxicological Findings

Chapter Nineteen
Epilogue: What Might Have Been


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