The Angry Widow...never Again‪!‬

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Mine manager Mike Meyer is faced with the challenge of a high number of accidents at the mining operations of a colliery in South Africa where 650 people are employed. He has implemented state of the art safety policies and procedures, systems and auditing processes but accidents still occur. Mike is married to Mary, an industrial psychologist, who in a very practical way leads Mike to understand why people behave in an unsafe way.In ANGRY WIDOW…never again, the authors take the reader on a journey to shed light on the main reason why accidents happen. It is based on real life events that will shake your thoughts. It will assist to create a changed mind-set to prevent harm to yourself and others; especially those dearest to you.The world is full of these life changing events that have impacted humanity, but the significance is to draw key lessons and this book does exactly that. Painful, but a great read. Mike Teke, former President of the SA Minerals Council, mineral resource owner and executive business leader.We sometimes take life for granted — if we will live forever. Until you get that knock at the door or a phone call that will forever change your life. This book is a practical, touching guide for anyone that reviews or takes life as a precious God given gift. A certain must read! Wilco Uys, Mining professional.In “The Angry Widow … Never Again!” Pieter van Rensburg and Pieter van Wyngaard converted their personal experiences in life and work into an excellent work consisting of seven easy-to-read chapters about the everyday reality of life and business. The reader is taken on a unique journey to unlocking the power of reflection in learning from every day experiences. Marius Meyer, Chairperson: SA Board for Personnel Practice, Chairperson: SA Wine Industry Professional Body and Programme Leader in HR Management, Stellenbosch UniversityExamples used throughout the book mimic real life scenarios and can be practically applied as learning material for less experienced mine staff. Peter Ott, Mining consultantThe personal experiences of the authors lend a vital authenticity and sincerity to the messages and lessons contained within this book. Vitally, the veil of complexity and mystery, that so often shrouds the pursuit of behavioural change in our industry, is lifted to reveal simple, understandable and practical techniques that we can all follow in the pursuit of the ultimate organisational achievement - a perfect safety record. Paul Edwards: Founder member and ex-MD of a leading SMPP construction company in Africa.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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Pieter van Rensburg
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