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Franklin Weston Mann (1856–1916) was an American physician and inventor best remembered for this pioneering small-arms ballistics text. 

This classic is organized as follows: 

Part I. The Old .44 Muzzle-loading Rifle 

The F. Wesson .32, Rim-fire Rifle 

The Stevens Taper-chamber Rifle 

Some Experimental Ballets 

Incidental Questions 

Winchester Ballard, 36-inch Barrel 

Winchester Ballard, 30-inch Barrel 

Winchester-Ballard, 20-inch Barrel 

Pope-cut Special .38-Caliber 

Auxiliary Chamber, .33-Caliber Rifle 

Shooting Braces 

Pope Ballard, 28-Caliber 

A Woodchuck Experience 


The Personal Element vs. Mechanical Rifle Shooting 

Boss-Pope .32-Caliber, Second Hand 

Testing Muzzle Blast 

A “Shooting Gibraltar.” 

Bullet Press or Nutcracker 

Testing Bullets. Snow Shooting 

Recovering Bullets from Oiled Sawdust 

Short-barrel Shooting 

Short Barrels become Interesting 

Short-barrel Experiments Continued 

Where the Upset Occurs 

Boss-Pope .32-Caliber Continued 

The Pope Breech Loader, .25-Caliber 

Muzzle Loader, Pope .32-caliber 

Letter to Dr. Skinner 

Pope 1902 .32 Rifle. Compliments for Mr. Pope 

Pope Muzzle Loading System 

The Five-Shot Group 

The “Lucky” Group 

Dr. Skinner’s Shooting Range, and a Disappointment 

12-inch Barrel Experiments 

Smooth Bore, .32-Caliber 

Vented Barrel, Pope 

Utility of Vented Barrels 

The Whizzer 

Reflections upon Black Powder and Cast Bullets 

Telescope Mounts; an Invention 

Accurate Fixed Ammunition Difficult 

Trouble with Smokeless and Rifle Bores 

Burned Rifle Bores vs. Smokeless vs. Primers 

A .28-9 Barrel, 1904 

Discarding Two .28-8, 1905 Barrels 

Remodeling a Rifle. Experimental Shells 

Reflections; Pipestem Rifles and Jacketed Ballets 

Ammonia vs. Primer Acid 

Figures 8 and 9 shot with 28 grains powder 

Figure 10, unshot bullet similar to 7 

24-inch 7 mm. Barrel 

Metal Jackets, Short Barrels, .25-caliber 

Figures 4 and 5 from an 8-inch one 

Figures 6 and 7 from an inch barrel 

Special .25-36 Marlin, 14-inch Pitch 

Mirage vs Telescope 

Space covered by Cross Hairs of Telescope 

Distance Measuring with Scope 


Superiority of Bore-diameter Bullet Discussed 

Flight of Bullets; Screen Shooting 

Comparative 100 vs. 200 Yard Butts 

Plank and Screens 

Unbalanced or Mutilated Bullets 

Gyration and Oscillation 

A Spinning Bullet 

Tipping Bullets Deceptive 

Bullet Tip 

Correcting Measurements 

Flight of a Bullet 

Measuring Wind Drift 

Motions executed by Normal Flying Bullets 

Trajectory Deflection 

More Reflections 

Cause of x-Error Located 

Cause of y-Error Located 

x + y = 80%. The Rifleman’s Rainbow 

x and y Epitomized 

Unbalanced Bullets; how Produced 

Difficulties with Rifle Twists 

Part II. Verification 

y-error disclosed by Plank Shooting 

Cause of y Illustrated 

Cause of x and y Disclosed at Muzzle 

Success comes; y-error stands alone 

Bullets Oscillate about Center of Gravity 

y-error stands alone 

Cylinder Bullets do Stunts 

Driving Tacks with Bullets 

Illustrated x-error 

Jacketed Ballets throw Melted Lead 

Plank Shooting, Service Rifle 

Paper Plank Experiments. Tube Shooting 

Determining Rifle Twist 

Plank Shooting, Spherical Bullets 

Cause of Excessive Tips Disclosed 

Part III. Mathematics of x and y 

Heavy Ordnance 

The Spitzer Metal-cased Bullet 

The Spitzer Bullet Straightens Up 

Kinetics of Spin 

Stripping the Groovessp

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