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Is there a formula for business success, or is it luck? Turns out that patterns exist.

Up your game and beat the odds ! Learn how repeat business winners consistently find power, success, answers & gold.

Seasoned C-Suite businessman and CEO institute professor Alan Sellers spent three decades in the real world with billionaires, entrepreneurs, founders, Fortune 500 executives, financiers and industrialists searching out the answers to two questions: 

What are the essential elements in business that dictate success or failure, and how do repeat winners keep winning?

In a novel and compelling approach to understanding the world of business, the author identifies and deciphers four important patterns: least common denominators in business known as Forest-Level Truths; patterns in the challenges one confronts; patterns in the nature of what makes for effective solutions to those challenges; and patterns in the winning techniques of grandmasters. 

Through the eyes of serial winners, the book uses analogies to the game of chess and world of art, as well as stories & examples from the best talents in history, to take the reader on a colorful journey that captures secrets of success in the brief Grandmaster's Mantra and powerful result-generation protocol known as The Checkmate Formula. 

Grandmasters in business perceive reality --- and feel, think and act --- differently than most of us. The book unravels their approach to see why they're special, including:

-The Great Awareness, which shows how the greatest business minds view the world differently.

-The Great Enabler and Dichotomy Pattern, key ways they think differently, and you can, too.

-The Decryption Key, a force multiplier you can use to unlock the power of vast resources and achieve a high Effectiveness Quotient.

The book tackles, head-on, major challenges that confront entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders and executives-like capital raises, strategy, the customer acceptance riddle, marketing,  conflict resolution, and achieving an exit.

THE CHECKMATE FORMULA does what no other book of its kind does --- explains the totality of the business world, not just pieces of it. Author Alan Sellers identifies and deciphers the links that hold the whole system of business together, the handful of variables driving it that are most important in winning consistently, and how to use those links and variables to your advantage.

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Alan Sellers
Alan Sellers