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NFT Technology will revolutionize the art world.

Do you want to make a leap to becoming a full time artist?

Do you want to successfully showcase your work, find collectors, sell, and make a career out of your art?

The NFT art market will soon surpass a billion dollars in value. Artists, illustrators, photographers, and musicians around the world are adopting NFT technologies to find collectors, sell their work, and finally make art their full-time career choice.

If you’re an artist, don’t get left behind.

From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, we are experiencing a fundamental shift in how things are transacted and exchanged online. Whether your dream is to become a full time artist or you just want to understand what all the hype is about.

The Empowered Artist provides a clear and simple introduction to NFT and Blockchain technologies along with an eye opening look at the future of the art world. With NFTs, we've finally found a solution for true digital ownership which is leading us to a new age of the art Renaissance, a time where art is again celebrated and artists’ time is valued.

Inside The Empowered Artist, discover:

How to get started with NFTs. Understand blockchain technology, find collectors, and sell your art online.
Why NFT Technology will shape the future of art.
The effects of NFT Technology on the evolution of the creative economy.
The future of art ownership, how are NFTs transacted, and how NFTs are impacting art sales internationally.
An overview of NFT art success stories which have turned traditional art and music industries upside down.
How to successfully sell NFT art and the costs involved.
Popular topics and myths about NFTs and the future of this technology.
What the hype is about and why people have decided to value NFTs, paying sometimes thousands or even millions of dollars for what seems to some like a digital image.

And much, much more!

NFT technology will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the art world and have a tremendous impact on artists’ lives. If you think this is just a fad, learn about the technology before you ignore it. Consider that renowned investors with previous investments in Facebook, Instagram, and AirBnB are investing millions in the future of this technology. Take a glimpse at what the future holds and how your art career might be impacted by this innovation.

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3 de junio
Dominik Dryja
Dominik Dryja