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This is a story of an American president with an enigmatic background. Born on August 4,1961 in the island state of Hawaii, Barack Obama was born to an unlikely couple whose paths crossed on a university campus. This would have been an ordinary American child albeit he was born in a state barely two years after joining the union. But he was far from ordinary: the father, Barack Obama Sr. was a foreign student from a British colony of Kenya in Africa who spent very little time in America. The boy he left behind would grow up with an unflinching audacity to dream of the most improbable ambition for a child with African heritage. In the face of the social and racial complexities he found himself in- having an estranged African father whom he barely knew, a mother and a stepfather with whom he lived in an exotic foreign country, and white grand parents in whose home he spent most of his early school years- Barry Soetoro , as the boy was known, was spellbound by an avid quest for finding his personal identity, and in time, that of his nation. In a country with a recent history where a few individuals controlled the destiny of the rest through slavery and other forms of inhuman acts especially against the people of color, how did Barack Obama tread the treacherous path of a political career so successfully that it took most political pundits including those in the African American community by surprise? What were the silver linings in the mighty cloud of the diverse American society that Obama discovered against all odds and capitalized on ? Between the covers of this book lie the genius of a 21st century “trail blazer” of political campaign and the enigma of Barack H Obama, the 44th president of the United States.

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Safari E. Ohumay
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