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Love, courage and humour in Victorian London
Can a girl find true love ... dressed up as a man?

London, in the year 1872. In Victorian England, opportunities are scarce for Joanna and her sisters. Their only hope is to marry well, but who would take one of the penniless sisters as a wife? Joanna doesn’t believe in fairy tales or princes, but she fiercely believes in herself. She decides to pursue a career of her own – by attending the prestigious Oliver Kenwood Boarding School, disguised as a boy.
There is only one issue: her cunning yet fascinating teacher Charles Hanson seems to dislike her with a passion – and she finds it increasingly difficult to hold up her disguise, especially when rich and confident Abigail sets eyes on Hanson, driving Joanna inexplicably furious. To make matters worse, Joanna begins to wonder whether her secret is really safe …

Readers’ impressions
„The novel takes you right into Victorian times and the witty, lighthearted story will make you smile“
„A truly entertaining mixture of romance and comedy“
„Everyone who loves London will love the novel’s historical flair“
„I really enjoyed how Joanna challenges the conventions of her time“
„A charming, funny and heartwarming read for cold winter days“

About the author
Anna Jane Greenville has written and illustrated her own tales from a young age. She is absolutely fascinated with storytelling and adores romantic, adventure, contemporary, and classic novels. She can spend a whole day at the bookstore browsing the shelves. Should she have a coffee to go in hand it is destined to turn cold once she sets eyes on the new arrivals section.
Travelling the UK as far south as Saint Michael's Mount or all the way north to the breath-taking Isle Of Skye is how she finds her inspiration. But it isthe author’s time in London that has contributed most to the story of her first novel "The Girl Who Was A Gentleman". You can feel London’s rich history and culture pour into the pages.
Literary influences on Anna Jane Greenville’s work include her favorite authors Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Johnston McCulley, Rainbow Rowell, and Nick Hornby.

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