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Im Jim Edwards, a human; I fly a spaceship named Merlin, who thinks hes human. Since my last book I have acquired a full crew, full of what I dont know. My second in command, though technically not yet recognized by the Alliance, is the sole surviving member of a race of artificially constructed living creatures known as the Betapherim. My seconds name is Mephis, short for the devilish name, Mephistopheles. Then there is crazy Bill, the Teeber, who communicates by thought not word, and consequently has taught Merlin, Mephis and me how to do it, too. Bill also taught me how to use the power of the Claw, as in Claw of Catau, as in, Bills planet, home of the Teeber. It is a mental thing, so dont ask me to explain it, I cant. All I know is it works very well on your enemy, extremely well.
Its probably a good thing I have the Claw because war breaks out again between the Alliance and the Tayhest and everyone thinks Im the guy to stop it. It seems there is a legend about the Bojaja, a powerful being known as the Drexa and a singular event also known as the Drexa. And Im supposed to be part of it, can you believe that?
If thats not enough to give me a headache, a force known only as the Light appears out of nowhere and really screws with me, almost killing me at one point before disappearing, hopefully, forever.
Back on Earth, also known as Tara, I find my true love, Joan, again, and find out she is also part of the great Bojaja Legend. We manage to stop a rebel kidnapping and visit ancient Mayan ruins. Taking a break in space, I find myself rescuing one of my space children, born to a Nack female, yes we did, and then shooting up the Lussecan home world because the bastards deserve it.
And so the adventures continue as I find out there is a lot more going on out in space then just guarding my part of the galaxy, a whole helluva lot more. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Ciencia ficción y fantasía
julio 29
Xlibris US

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