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Jennie must surely regret her impersonation of the Princess von Steinheimer at the Duchess of Chiselhurst’s Ball. Detectives know it wasn't the real Princess and are pressing her for more information. And, in the meantime, she received a letter from her Highness:

"My dear Jennie,” her Highness wrote, “I am sure the detectives are after you, and so I thought it best to send you a word of warning. Of course it is only surmise on my part, but for days there has been a woman hovering about the castle, trying to get information from my servants. My maid came directly to me and told me what she knew. The woman detective had spoken to her. This inquisitive person, who had come from Paris, wished particularly to know whether I had been seen about the castle during the week in which the Duchess of Chiselhurst’s ball took place; and so this leads me to suppose that some one is making inquiries for you. It must be either Lord Donal Stirling or the Duke of Chiselhurst, but I rather think it is the former. I have written an indignant letter to Lord Donal, accusing him of having caused detectives to haunt the castle. I have not yet received a reply, but Lord Donal is a truthful person, and in a day or two I expect to find out whether or not he has a hand in this business. Meanwhile, Jennie, be on your guard, and I will write you again as soon as I have something further to tell.”

Ominous developments, indeed! And how does the Prime Minister fit into all this?

Misterio y suspenso
April 18
Wildside Press
PublishDrive Inc.

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