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She Only Speaks to Butterflies

A widower raising her challenged daughter. A neighbor that proves science isn't as powerful as one's heart.

Her husband is dead. Her daughter doesn’t speak. The town she’s raising her child in is being set aflame and nobody knows who is doing it or why. Sherry is alone, facing her worst fears while the town pulls together to keep everyone safe. She prays that the culprit will be found before it’s too late, but her instincts predict otherwise. When a new face arrives in town, Sherry realizes that she isn’t the only one who has lost, and more importantly, that there is much more that she could lose.

The local fire department hires a man with a painful past, who shares a unique bond with the Denise, the little girl who doesn’t speak. A common interest between them creates trust and opens doors otherwise believed to be closed forever. Residents wonder if this new face will be a help or a hindrance to the town; but only Denise knows. And she can’t tell anyone.


Doctors can't diagnose her son. Until she finds one that follows his heart for the answer.

Born in a small town in Arkansas, Stacey Bailey never dreams of falling in love with big, New York newscaster Larry Keenan. When their son Jet is born, they learn quickly that he isn’t a cookie-cutter child. Suddenly, Larry begins working odd hours and there is palpable detachment in the marriage. When Larry is killed covering a dangerous news story, Stacey is left to raise Jet alone.

After visiting various doctors, Stacey realizes that there is no clear answer as to why Jet has specific medical issues. While he responds in a way that points to Autism, his other responses are inconsistent with the predisposition. Doctors are stumped, yet Stacey is left dealing with a child who can’t lead a normal life, which means that she can’t, either.

Jack, a colleague who once idolized Larry, is hungry for a story…and much more. With a type A personality, there are no lengths that Jack won’t reach to garner more time in front of the camera. By stalking Stacey, Jack strives to probe into Jet’s unnatural and, in his mind, newsworthy qualities. It seems Jack is looking to be Larry’s replacement by exploiting his only surviving son.

A family emergency forces Stacey to return to Arkansas. There is a small comfort in leaving her troubles in the Big Apple, until she realizes that one has followed her. When Jet’s problems worsen, it leads to a tailspin of angst in the hospital. Days later, following tragedy in the town, Dr. Baker helps uncover the route of Jet’s problems. Unknown sources witness the discovery, and suddenly the world becomes aware of the boy from Arkansas who has an ability that nobody else on Earth has.

It's Not the Flowers

A selfish birthday wish. An undeserved new life. A tragic lesson. An important final prayer.

Raelynn is a successful dietician. She is a hard-working mother of two girls, and is married to Kevin, an equally hard-working man who is a loyal and devoted husband and father. On the surface, their fourteen-year marriage looks fine, until Kevin’s father accidentally sets fire to his workshop, and the family is faced with unexpected trauma.

Suddenly under a microscope, Raelynn sees Kevin as emotionally unavailable among other subpar labels, and in her eyes, her marriage becomes that which would be favorable only to a money-hungry therapist. What’s worse is that her dearest friends seem to be reveling in above-average relationships, namely her best friend, whom Raelynn has envied for as long as she can remember.

After Raelynn makes a birthday wish, seemingly tying a knot at the end of her rope, in a desperate plight to wish herself out of her misery and alienation, she realizes the next morning that she should have been more careful with what she wished for.

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Sandy Appleyard
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