A love story and the healing power of music

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Julia is a modern day heroine - life throws its worst at her but she just comes back stronger.

Julia is getting her life back together after the tumultuous events following her move from New Zealand to England.

Focussed on her job at a thriving legal firm and fiercely protective of her son Jack, life has become calm and measured just the way Julia likes – no more secrets or surprises, everything under control and predictable.

The last thing she needs or wants is a man complicating their lives again.

Jack is a teenager who dreams of becoming an awesome musician. Music is his safe place when he needs to escape dark memories - it inspires him to believe in himself again. He has the passion and talent but needs the right teacher to nurture his potential.

Patrick Devlin left his native Ireland to pursue his passion for music and now runs a prestigious teaching academy.

He’s known love and heartbreak and has found that life is simpler when you follow your passions but, where women are concerned, avoid commitment.

Patrick’s first meeting with Julia does not go well but when she grudgingly allows Jack to be accepted as his student, an extraordinary journey for three people begins.

With sibling rivalry, a tragedy from the past, and fear of loving again - is the healing power of music enough to change their lives forever?

Adriana Guyton’s second novel explores the ties of family, a mother’s sacrifice and a young boy’s search for contentment where music becomes the healer and the teacher the cycle breaker.

THE MUSIC TEACHER is the second novel in the “Julia Series”.

Praise for Adriana Guyton's books:

"A very well written novel involving the total devotion and love of a mother and son. I enjoyed the Irish connection integrating the relationship between the two brothers and the music theme throughout the book. I thoroughly recommend it and look forward to Adriana’s next novel."

"From the first chapter I was immediately engaged and taken by this novel, and could not put it down. A wonderful story bound together by strong characters both young and mature. Filled with inspiration, hope, heartbreak and romance. Having not read the first book of the “Julia series” did not seem to matter, however I’m now compelled to go back and read Consequences."

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