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Scandals. Scoops. Crisis. Gin.

Part college farce, part espionage caper, The Pink and the Grey is like PG Wodehouse with surveillance cameras. It's a quirky, smart town-meets-gown thriller about watching the watchers and righting wrongs, and features an all-boy girl band, a more famous foursome from the 1960s, an unlikely team of hackers, and several thousand buckets. 

In St Paul's College, Cambridge, academic Spencer (with a PhD in light scandal and gin) is slapped with an ultimatum from the Master: top up the college coffers or else.

Across the city, rookie reporter Conor — yearning for a juicy obituary — encounters a stranger with a scoop that could be his big break. As long as his editor never finds out.

When Spencer and Conor's paths collide, the two men agree to help each other. But somewhere in St Paul's, under college cameras that see and record everything, the snows are falling... and if the men's plan fails, St Paul's is doomed.

“Undefinable and brilliant… a fantastic rework of an old idea. ****” — So So Gay Magazine 

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jikingare ,

Missing those school days!

As a professor, i have been exposed to some university politics, do i like them? Do i agree with them? Not really, but that is not the point.

I was not hooked on this book until chapter 3, until i realized how amazing the intertwined narrative was developing. I had to go back to read it again since page 01, and then i was hooked.
One need to read carefully though, otherwise the characters may be confused and the experience would be rather messy.

Characters that seem familiar and even stereotypes for every college, mingle with other characters who seem so out of this world. All of them create the perfect environment for this story. I found other contrasts in the book giving it a very special atmosphere.

After reading it, i started longing more for my college days. If they only had been this great!!!!

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