The Sales Leader's Problem Solver

Practical Solutions to Conquer Management Mess-ups, Handle Difficult Sales Reps, and Make the Most of Every Opportunity

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This is the book every sales manager wishes they had—before they accepted the job. The advice within acts as a 24/7 coach for beleaguered sales leaders dealing with perplexing dilemmas.

Sales leaders (managers, directors, and vice presidents) advocate for and often succeed in getting sales training for their reps, but when they request sales management training for themselves, the answer is often no. This lack of formal instruction lowers their chances of success.

Drawn from the author’s experiences as a sales manager, sales management consultant, and coach, The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver offers guidance on solving common but difficult issues with the salesperson who:

• Sells inconsistently.
• Cheats on sales contests.
• Doesn’t enter data in the CRM.
• Calls only on the largest or easiest clients.
• Won’t prospect for new business.

By providing a consistent format to follow, Suzanne Paling will help any sales leader level-headedly deal with any challenge by:
• Clarifying the issue.
• Creating a plan.
• Presenting a solution to executives.
• Discussing the issue with the rep(s) in question.The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver is a powerful tool that will help new and experienced sales managers lead their teams and develop their reputations as fair, effective, no-nonsense problem solvers.

The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver is just that—a guide for sales leaders to get some ideas on real world problems, or just validate the decisions they are making are ‘not crazy.’ You’ll want this book on your desk every day.”
—William “Skip” Miller, author, ProActive Sales Management and More ProActive Sales Management

Best Book Awards Winner—

“Every sales manager reading this book will see one or many management scenarios he/she faces every day. This how-to book doesn’t focus on high-level, can’t-apply theory. You’ll walk away with practical and successful know-how to level up your sales team. Read it!”
—Colleen Stanley, president, SalesLeadership, and author, Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

“Suzanne Paling has written a book that both practitioners and academics can gain insight from. Her literary style moves the reader through relevant examples that can be applied in practice immediately.”
—Wayne Keene, MBA, director, Center for Sales and Customer Development, Trulaske College of Business, University of Missouri

With more than 25 years of experience in sales management consulting and coaching, Suzanne M. Paling has helped more than 55 companies improve their sales performance and processes. Clients include product and service firms in the manufacturing, software, publishing, distribution, medical, and construction industries. She writes for and American Business magazine, and publishes a monthly newsletter. Paling is the author of the award-winning book The Accidental Sales Manager, published by Entrepreneur Press.

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