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The concept of artificial intelligence taking over humanity, or THE Singularity, is not a new idea. Classic science fiction novels, comics, TV, and movies played on the fears of invasions of robots, cyborgs, and other invaders bent to destroy human beings and take over the world. Those who survived fought to maintain control. I grew up wondering if a scenario like The Terminator could really happen, in which a computer and its creation of cyborgs could ever be more than entertainment. Also, could we even stop the progression of taking technology and intelligence to a higher level, that is to a point that we do not have to do anything laborious because computers will do it for us? Tony Thorne's book - ' The Singularity is Coming ' addresses these concerns and beyond with factual detail and personal accounts to the progress artificial intelligence has made. His prediction based on expert forecasts of a disaster greater than global warming and nuclear war. I have read many of his speculative fiction stories, and have awed with his creativity and imagination in crafting a probable society in which we are comfortable with the common use of robots, cyborgs, androids, and other artificial intelligence that was more of a fantasy even 50 years ago. This book takes into account his research in the area and puts it into perspective that is more likely now than it has ever been before. You will enjoy reading in his voice and truly contemplate the future of the singularity.

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