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The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit is a book that introduces children to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Nicketa Nevils wants our children to believe in Him, call on Him, and expect Him to move in their everyday lives. In book #2 of The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit, Christian topics are discussed and explained for our children’s Christian enrichment. Testimonies (for Back Cover) The following are declarations about the first book of The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit: My nine-year-old granddaughter just loves reading the stories and answering the questions. The stories teaches her about how to love, treat one another, and most of all the teaching of God’s Holy words. Jamesetta M. Kansas City, Kansas Quntez—thirteen years old: I enjoyed Auntie Marilyn reading The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit. I love sharing the book with my sisters and brothers. I also liked the bookmarks! Quntez P. Wichita, Kansas A delightful Christian book. The Spirit of the book was emotional and captivating. Designed for a child to read and understand. Helen M. Wichita, Kansas The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit was easy to understand, and my grandchildren just loved it. I would read the stories at bedtime, and my children would have a peaceful night sleep. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Susan S. Tulsa, Oklahoma The book is educational for all age groups to understand about the Holy Spirit. Angie J. Tulsa, Oklahoma Parents and Sunday school children have been quietly crying out with unanswered questions concerning the Holy Spirit. This book is the answer! Phenomenal! J.R & Sidney W. Bartlesville, Oklahoma Our kids are really learning the reality of the Holy Spirit. The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit helps our children to grow and learn how God deals with us in our everyday life experience. The book made the Holy Spirit real. William M. Jr. Bartlesville, Oklahoma I am a lifetime member of my church in Bixby, Oklahoma. Pettie Chapel has never actually had a children’s church. However, I am now currently serving as the director of the board of Christian education. I presented the book The Tiny Disciples to my pastor, and he as well was very impressed with it. I was given permission to start a class for the kids and start teaching from this book. I know the Holy Spirit wrote The Tiny Disciples because even the adults are saying that they learned something after reading it. Thanks you so much. Jeannette M. Tulsa, Oklahoma The Tiny Disciples: Age of the Holy Spirit is a very uplifting and inspirational book. Charlessta L. Kansas City, Missouri Wonderful book! Easy to read and understand for children of all ages. Highly recommended for children! Biblical sound! Godfidence Ministries, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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