The Total Fitness Manual

Transform Your Body in 12 Weeks

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Get in shape in no time with this definitive guide to fitness, strength training, and nutrition by the fitness experts at the world-renowned Gold’s Gym.

The Total Fitness Manual has everything here you need to get fit and stay fit for life. Take the 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge for dramatic, proven results, or create your own fitness routine from this book’s wealth of information on resistance training, cardio, nutrition, flexibility, and more . . .

Cardio: With cardio machines, classes, swimming, or running, you have more choices than ever for getting a heart-pumping workout, and this book outlines your options to help you select the best for your needs.

Getting Strong: Whether you are looking to tone up or bulk up using bodyweight alone, gym machines, or a home barbell set, you need to know the correct techniques to avoid injury and know what exercises work which muscles.

Nutrition: Hydration and diet are just as important as getting to the gym. Gold’s Gym is here to ensure you have enough calories to burn, have the best post-workout snacks, find the best protein shake for you, utilize crucial hydration tips, and more.

Recovery: Stretch properly and know when to schedule a rest day to stay injury free.

The Twelve-Week Challenge: Gold’s Gym annually challenges its members to commit to achieving their goals—in just three months. For the first time, this program is available in a book, with clear instructions, and advice on how to tailor the program to your fitness journey. You can also gain inspiration from success stories from past Challenge winners.

So, pick up your copy of the Total Fitness Manual and get training today!

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