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Avery and Courtney’s bizarre adventure continues in the second installment of The Very Strange Gender Change - the two experience a brief interlude in a changing room as they go shopping for clothes that actually fit Avery’s new, petite feminine figure. Not long after their encounter, a new and mysterious player reveals herself - the one responsible for the couple’s shared predicament. What answers will she reveal about why Avery went from he to she almost instantly - and what new questions will emerge?
Still having not yet processed what they learn, the couple returns home for a night together, and Avery feels his new female self coming closer and closer within his mind - threatening to take over his very soul. Unable to resist his urges, Avery readily acquiesces to Courtney’s erotic advance, and soon Avery’s being fucked by a big female cock - but what bizarre thoughts will go through his head as it happens? Will he truly be able to consider himself a man anymore, knowing how much he’s come to crave the big dick between his girlfriend’s legs?
The Very Strange Gender Change: Part Two is the second part of a series, with two chapters - the third and fourth of the story - at approximately 9,000 words in length, with several powerful, erotic sex scenes between one male-turned-female and one female-turned-futanari! The strange couple - who are are even more perplexed at their situation than the reader - are nonetheless victims of their own powerful new urges, and both will explore the new pleasures available to them fully… and the strange new feelings for one another that come with them.
This story is intended for adults only, and not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Ficción y literatura
14 de agosto
Johannes Lowe
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