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Linus Bailey's tenth birthday, if measured on some kind of “So how did it go then?” scale, would score a one. Maybe a bit less. It started well, but then things went very badly indeed.

Linus' problem is that he makes things up. He claims, for instance, that his mother was found living as a head hunter in the jungles of Borneo. His dad, a man called Nigel who Linus hasn't seen since he was two, is a Ninja Warrior currently living in Japan. His dad fights crime and saves people. Linus' headmaster is evil and his jumper was knitted by slaves.

Linus has reached a turning point in his young life. On the eve of his birthday he is asked to tell the class which family member he admires the most. Having been told not to tell the class that his father is a ninja, and worried that his mother (a woman who's cooking won a Nobel Peace Prize) and his wheelchair-bound sister (despite having the biggest wheels of anyone he knew) would be too dull as objects of his admiration, he invents an uncle who owns the left hand side of the mighty Amazon river. This gets him into trouble.

As his birthday looms large on the horizon, Linus' invented reality begins to encroach upon his humdrum life. Coal miners in the garden, a camel, a Norwegian Viking hat salesman, these things are a prelude to the evil he unleashes in the form of The Evil Lord of Mortar and his band of giant mutant squirrel henchmen. The lives of Linus and those he loves hang in the balance, and only one person can save them. Or maybe a cat and a pigeon and whole army or unlikely heroes.

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agosto 22
Peter James Lamb
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