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How do I manage negativity and find meaning in these dark times? How can I develop a more positive outlook in this pandemic? How can I reframe this adversity and transform this obstacle into an opportunity? How can I develop gratitude and more appreciation towards life? How do I step up as a leader and a humanitarian and make this catastrophe my "finest hour"?

We are all grappling with these heavyweight questions as we continue to go through the COVID-19 crisis, and are constantly looking for answers to them.

Thriving in the New Normal is a compelling, accessible resource to equip you to find those answers. This eight-week program comprises daily meditations that provide ideas and insights rooted in personal development, philosophy and ancient timeless wisdom to help you navigate and cope with the unique stresses of today as we deal with the threat of COVID-19 within our homes, communities and throughout the world.

Each week, you will discover a specific powerful discipline, explained and presented with related meditations every day of that week to inspire deeper reflection and application. These daily doses will provide you practical strategies and sophisticated ways to manage your mental health, protect your precious resources, and rise above adversity.

As you follow and implement these learnings over the course of eight weeks (and, indeed, for months and years to come), each day will become an opportunity for you to become better, wiser, healthier, and stronger. You'll cultivate virtues such as awareness, fortitude, resilience and righteousness to navigate this uncertain and chaotic world, and empower yourself to not only survive but thrive in the "new normal."

Salud, mente y cuerpo
May 12
Parth Sawhney
Draft2Digital, LLC

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