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Would you like to learn more about Tom Petty?
How he managed to incorporate his personal problems into the greatest music hits of all time?

Music to Tom Petty was not just money and fame. It was a way to express himself through difficult times, challenges and struggles. Somehow he found a way to channel personal problems into the music and broadcast it to fans around the world - creating unbelievable experience. That's because personal problems are universal and many people can associate with what Tom Petty is channelling through. In order to do this, takes guts and genius. Tom Petty is indeed one of the rock legends this world will know for centuries to come.

Tom Petty, an accomplished writer and musician has set the standard for what rock and roll was and is. Being able to reflect personal challenges with divorce, loneliness and drug addictions into music is something not many people can do in a way Tom Petty does. It advocates artistic freedom and paves the path for other musicians to tap into the industry. Perry's collaborations with other musical legends like Stevie Nicks, Del Shannon, Johnny Cash and many others, have given the world a standard to what rock and roll music should be like.

This is a book for those who know the songs, from "American Girl" and "Refugee" to "Free Fallin'" and "Mary Jane's Last Dance," and for those who want to see the classic rock and roll era embodied in a single biography.

Tom Petty inspired people to not back down and not give up in the face of challenges with his music, especially when it comes to personal struggles, because no matter the circumstances one can rise and succeed.

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