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These 5 steamy stories will blow your mind and ignite your panties!
Fertility and Fate: He desires what she needs. But will Honey's one night stand become so much more?

Honey has a problem. If she wants her inheritance, she has to have an heir. She isn't pregnant, though, and she doesn't have a boyfriend.

She needs that money, so she comes up with a plan. In a little over one month, her inheritance will be given away. She has one week to get pregnant.

Honey has a few one night stands, but she just doesn't feel like they're working. When she meets Noah, though, things feel different. She's mesmerized by him, and when he reads her palm and talks about fate, she starts to wonder...

Did fate bring Noah to Honey? Will Noah get her pregnant? Will this just be another one night stand, or does Noah have other plans?

Read this hot short to find out!

Her Desire for Brutality: Moira wants pain. Lorens is happy to oblige.

Powerful, angry, and rich, Lorens has had a rough day. When he comes into a club to take it out on someone, he finds the perfect date.

Moira has gone months without a good lay, and she's desperate for an orgasm. With very specific needs, she has to find the perfect man to help her. One who is brutal and sadistic, deep down inside.

When these two meet, what happens is a whirlwind love affair that expands the boundaries of hardcore BDSM, spanking, and rough sex. Couldn't you use a little pain now and then?

Desire in France: You come to Paris to relax and find love.

Olivia has needed a vacation for a long time, and romance and adventure are her number one priorities. Her first stop is beautiful Paris, where love and sex are almost guaranteed to a sexy woman like her.

When she meets a mysterious stranger in a small cafe, she allows him to take her to dinner... in the hotel that he owns.

Will she end up regretting this sizzling one-night romance with a hot French man? Will the sex be as unforgettable as the beautiful city?

Don't miss this delightful bit of sex tourism and romance!

Pregnant by the Fighter: One boxer's trash is another boxer's lover. But will Grace follow her head... or the spot between her legs?

Boxer Jack is finally going to make it. He's going up against his biggest oponent yet, and he knows he's going to win.

Jack is so sure of himself, in fact, that he offers to let his opponent sleep with his girlfriend should he lose. Too bad for Jack, because Chet knocks him out easily.

Grace isn't sure at first, but Chet is so charming. So handsome. When he offers to get her pregnant and treat her to a life of luxury, will she see that it's an offer she shouldn't refuse?

Or will she be too consumed by her fear and the pain that Jack put her through?

The Polygamists: Melanie works in the photo department of a pharmacy. Most of the time her job is boring, but some days she'll get the weirdest customers.

When Shane walks in and hands her two cameras to develop, she expects it to just be a normal day. That is, until she sees the gang bang that unfolds on the film.

She gets Shane out of the store and thinks that the whole ordeal is over, but then the woman from the photos comes in and asks Melanie out for dinner.

Will Melanie accept? Will she be sucked into the filthy, sexy world of this rich couple... and become their third wheel?

This story is both erotic and romantic, bridging the gap between the two genres and reimagining the world of polygamist fiction all at once.

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