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Do you have a picky eater who won't try new foods? Have you tried everything to get your child to eat? Renowned childhood nutrition expert, Jill Castle's Nourished Path to Try New Food® – her systematic and strategic approach to help picky eaters taste, eat and like new foods -- will move you from frustration to optimism, and your picky eater from cautious to adventurous. Instead of telling you to wait it out, or worse, sneak veggies or bribe your child with dessert, Try New Food will walk you through detailed steps to help your child overcome picky eating. Remodel your feeding environment and create a gentle, patient method to best suite your child and learn how to help your picky eater instead of making things worse.

You know the advice to "wait it out" doesn't work. You know "getting your child to eat" isn't working either. Try New Food takes a new approach. As a workbook, resource and guide, Try New Food equips you with the latest research and practical tips to help you feed picky eaters with love, patience and healthy food. Castle helps you better understand your child and picky eating, adopt the right mindset and reactions to pickiness, and create an effective plan for helping your child move beyond typical and extreme picky eating behaviors.

Based on years of working with picky eaters and her experience as a mom herself, Castle maps out a plan for sensible food options, positive feeding, and effective parenting. After reading this book, you will learn:
The root of your child's picky eating The best way to interact with your child around food How to set up a fun, encouraging eating environment  The counter-productive interactions (and language) that make picky eating worse (and what to do and say instead) When (and where) to seek more help for extreme picky eaters Castle's practical methods for helping your child progressively try new food How to make mealtime more calm, meaningful and nutritious
Most of all, Try New Food will help you nourish and nurture your picky eater while cultivating healthy eating patterns and a healthy relationship with food.

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