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There are moments in your life, that you will never forget, in which you became aware of “Why am I living a life I do not want? …How did this life happen? …How did I get here?” Have you ever stopped to give mindful thought to a moment such as this, or contemplate the source, or question why you don't feel happy or content with your life? Your thoughts and emotions came from within you, didn't it? Your thoughts and emotions came from your “Window of Within.”

You are aware of the discontentment with your life that you feel inside yourself and your soul. Well, you are interested in discovering how to live a mindful enjoyable life. “Window of Within: Life” will provide mind-provoking thoughts on what becomes a journey of self-discovery as to why your life is currently the way it is and a new way to navigate life, through enlightenment. An enlightenment that provokes thoughts of how life really is and how to live life differently, while giving you unique ways of thinking about your life. Once aware of these things, you will begin to understand prolifically the causes of why your life is the way it is and what life well-being changes are necessary to enjoy your life the way life is meant to be. This book provides life lessons that is worth the time to reflect on a letting go from the typical treadmill mindset that holds you back from living the life you want to live, and to ultimately lead you to a new mindset of enlightenment to real living from the speaking of the self of your “Window of Within: Life.”

Well, it’s time to slow down and focus on how you really want your life to be before it’s too late. Start by altering your life to tip the balance back towards sanity with ideas of enlightenment about how to approach life differently.

You need an enlightenment of strategies and the how to, to help keep your life balanced and centered. There’s where this book “Window of Within” comes in. This book provides an introspection of the “Window of Within” you, with powerful ideas of enlightenment about how to approach life differently to get out of the mere survival treadmill mode in relentless pursuit of a one-track mediocre life to a life you want to live.

This book’s “Window of Within: Life” pages are just the kind of guidance and inspiration one needs in today’s world; ”Window of Within: Life” helps to explain chaotic living in the crazy world around us. So many of us have had similar struggles, experiences and conversations with others and ourselves through our lives that make us wonder, “what is life really speaking?” Mindful ideas of enlightenment from the “Window of Within: Life”, explains and explores the essence of life and living taking a step back from our own existence revealing how to live our inner being’s destined call upon our lives; intuitively grasping take on the quest of purpose, happiness, living life with meaning, and the reason every breath lingers on. Find the way and start living life now, because "Time waits for no one." See life in a new light through "The Landscape of Life." There's a purpose and calling for us and how to find it in "Quest for Self."

“Window of Within: Life” are words to live by. The enlightenment focuses on areas of well-being and fulfillment in life from true depth of feelings on living from our own “Window of Within” of the emotions and the soul’s need to live the life you want to live; that will help any reader look at their own life and gain perception on living with true purpose, serenity, love for life and each other. The enlightenment further reaches the core of the emotions’ depth of feeling within the inner being, while analyzing the purpose of life and capturing the essential quality of life and living. These words are thought provoking causing you to see your life differently and change your life in ways of realizing what really matters.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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Nicole Anderson
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