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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction, this is a unique federal report on the relocation sites used in the World War II internment of Japanese Americans.

This report provides an overview of the tangible remains currently left at the sites of the Japanese American internment during World War II. The main focus is on the War Relocation Authority's relocation centers, but Department of Justice and U.S. Army facilities where Japanese Americans were interned are also considered. The goal of the study has been to provide information for the National Landmark Theme Study called for in the Manzanar National Historic Site enabling legislation. Archival research, field visits, and interviews with former internees provide preliminary documentation about the architectural remnants, the archeological features, and the artifacts remaining at the sites. The degree of preservation varies tremendously. At some locations, modern development has obscured many traces of the World War II-era buildings and features. At a few sites, relocation center buildings still stand, and some are still in use. Overall the physical remains at all the sites are evocative of this very significant, if shameful, episode in U.S. history, and all appear to merit National Register of Historic Places or National Historic Landmark status.

Chapter 1 - Sites of Shame: An Introduction * Chapter 2 - To Undo a Mistake is Always Harder Than Not to Create One Originally by Eleanor Roosevelt * Chapter 3 - A Brief History of Japanese American Relocation During World War II * Chapter 4 - Gila River Relocation Center, Arizona * Chapter 5 - Granada Relocation Center, Colorado * Chapter 6 - Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming * Chapter 7 - Jerome Relocation Center, Arkansas * Chapter 8 - Manzanar Relocation Center, California * Chapter 9 - Minidoka Relocation Center, Idaho * Chapter 10 - Poston Relocation Center, Arizona * Chapter 11 - Rohwer Relocation Center, Arkansas * Chapter 12 - Topaz Relocation Center, Utah * Chapter 13 - Tule Lake Relocation Center, California * Chapter 14 - Citizen Isolation Centers * Moab, Utah * Leupp, Arizona * Chapter 15 - Additional War Relocation Authority Facilities * Antelope Springs, Utah * Cow Creek, Death Valley, California * Tulelake, California * Chapter 16 - Assembly Centers * Fresno, California * Marysville, California * Mayer, Arizona * Merced, California * Pinedale, California * Pomona, California * Portland, Oregon * Puyallup, Washington * Sacramento, California * Salinas, California * Santa Anita, California * Stockton, California * Tanforan, California * Tulare, California * Turlock, California * Chapter 17 - Department of Justice and U.S. Army Facilities * Temporary Detention Stations * Department of Justice Internment Camps * Crystal City Internment Center, Texas * Kenedy Internment Center, Texas * Kooskia Work Camp, Idaho * Fort Lincoln, North Dakota * Fort Missoula, Montana * Fort Stanton, New Mexico * Santa Fe, New Mexico * Segoville, Texas * U.S. Army Facilities * Camp Lordsburg, New Mexico * Fort Sill, Oklahoma * Stringtown, Oklahoma * Alaska and Hawaii * Other U.S. Army Sites * Chapter 18 - Federal Bureau of Prisons * Catalina Federal Honor Camp, Arizona * Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, Kansas * McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary, Washington

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