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Black Bass is a Fiction Action and Adventure type of story. There is probably no more welcome news for one fond of black bass fishing than a description and general details of where good sport may be had; and when the individual is a unit in the population of a large city and suddenly learns that this is obtainable within an easy distance, the information is worth its weight in gold, in his estimation, if in no one else's. The main object of this paper on black bass fishing is to supply that knowledge to a large contingent, and also to give a few hints to those, who, fond of fishing, may still be open to a few practical hints. There are possibly many fishermen like myself, who, while not unfamiliar with salt water sport with rod and line, still know and fully appreciate the pleasure of fishing for the fresh water black bass. Salt water fishing is grand sport, but there are many denizens of a city who have been reared in the districts of fresh water streams, lakes and ponds, who have not had the opportunities of cultivating salt water sport, and who even when surrounded with every facility for its pursuit, would still be elated at finding some well stocked stream near at hand. Anglers, as a rule, are unable to go far a field in search of fresh water fishing, and for six years past it was a continual thorn in my flesh, mortifying me considerably, that no information could be obtained of any good fishing that did not necessitate an absence of several days.

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January 1
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