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Jase was finally on his own, living in a college dorm as far away from home as he could possibly get. He was now free to be himself, and to explore his desires without his overbearing parents or his judgmental friends looking over his shoulder, nitpicking his every choice and every move. Most importantly, Jase would finally be able to discover and learn more than what the internet had to offer about BDSM. Maybe now he could find a way to get into the lifestyle. Find a good Dominant and play out the erotic scenes he's spent countless hours watching, wishing he was the submissive and taking whatever his Master chose to give him. The graphic, intensely arousing images had imprinted on his brain ages ago, ever since he had stumbled across them while surfing the World Wide Web. 

           After settling comfortably into campus life, Jase discreetly observed and listened in on his fellow classmate's conversations. Jase figured a little eavesdropping was the best way to learn more about his surroundings without having to ask someone outright. I mean, what would he say, "Hey you, do you know of any kink clubs around here?" No way. Not in this lifetime. He'd never have the balls to ask a total stranger such a question. 
           After a few weeks, his silent diligence paid off when he heard a few ignorant jocks talking about Club Spectrum, a leather BDSM club, located close to campus. The main problem with the club was that you had to be twenty-one and older, and be a member of the establishment to get in. He was determined he was going to get in if it was the last thing he did.  

Read on to see what happened to this sweet little pup after running into the big bad wolf. 

Ficción y literatura
octubre 26
Dianna Bell
Smashwords, Inc.

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