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Three mannies find love when they come into the lives of families that need them.
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Manny To The Rescue
Owen is afraid that he will have to take care of his nieces alone. He doesn't realize that Connie and Maggie are about to get a new manny. Dan is a welcome surprise and a big help. He is young, hot and he has a crush on Owen. If he can get Owen to take him seriously, he might have a chance. But only if he can save Owen from the danger he unknowingly brought into their lives.

More Than A Manny
Brent is living in luxury, but something is missing from his life. He is a loving though irresponsible father to his two young children. That's why he is looking for a new nanny, but a hot manny would be even better. Nate is just what he needs, but how will Nate, a first time nanny, fit into his unconventional household? The kids are a handful, especially little Georgie. Her big brother, Ricky, has a few issues of his own. But Nate is more than ready to take on the challenge and let all three of them steal his heart.

And Manny Makes Three
Mark is a struggling college student who has been working as a nanny for a nice family, but they don't need him any more. Zack has been raising his son, Al, by himself and needs help. Al is a funny kid, and Zack is a funny dad, but more serious issues lurk under the surface. Will Mark be able to deal with these two? And how will Zack and Mark deal with their mutual attraction?

Ficción y literatura
diciembre 14
Trina Solet
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