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Antonio woke up a few minutes before the alarm and looked down at the beautiful, naked woman lying in his arms. She was so gorgeous, and he could not believe his luck when he found her.
She looked up, meeting his eyes at the party. She froze in place until someone caught her attention. She finished her conversation and lifted her head looking for him. This time she heard his voice closer.
“I am not there any longer. I am here asking you to dance.” He led her out on the dance floor tugging her against him. “You are a beautiful woman. Tell me you are here alone tonight.”
“I am, but I saw you come in. You are not.”
“You are very observant. You saw me come in with my sister. I would not let her come alone. I will introduce her to you later.”
“Yes, very much so. Who is watching over you tonight?”
“No one, I take care of myself. I am just on a vacation here in Italy.
“Then you are now my responsibility for the evening.”
“I do not know you.”
“My name is Antonio De Luca. There, now you do. Tell me what your name is and where you are from.”
“I am Katrina Nelson from Colorado.”
“You are from the States. That explains your pale blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Are they real?”
She shook her head yes. “I am a writer and I wanted to do some research in Italy.”
“I will be happy take you on a tour of our country sometime soon.” The music stopped, and he guided her over to a table. “Come, we will have a drink, so I can get to know you better.”
She hesitated, and he looked down at her. “I will not hurt you Katrina. I want you to stay close to me and dance with only me tonight.”
She looked up at him sensing he was trustworthy.
“I am waiting for a yes Katrina. You are in Italy now and here the men watch over their women. You are no longer alone. You are with me for the rest of the evening.”
She shook her head yes knowing he was not giving her a choice. Of course, it did not hurt that he was drop-dead gorgeous, and her heart was beating out of her chest right now to think he was interested in her.
“That is better Katrina. Now dance with me again so I can hold you and talk a little longer.” He pulled her in close and kissed the side of her face. “How old are you love?”
She met his eyes, “I am twenty.”
“You are traveling alone in Italy, and you are only twenty? My sister is twenty-five and not allowed to go anywhere unescorted yet. You will be under my care until you leave my country Katrina.”
“I don’t know you.”
“You do now and you will not go anywhere that I do not know about and supply you with security. I will make sure you are safe. Now where are you staying?”
“I am at a hotel over on Jamison.”
“I will drop you off tonight after the party. Tomorrow I want you to pack your things and come to my home. I have plenty of room for you to stay while you are here. If you cook dinner in the evening we will have time for me to show you around.”
“I cannot stay with you Antonio.”
“You can and you will baby. I will expect you to arrive before noon, or I will come looking for you. If you want me to call your family, I will. I will not let you stay alone here in Italy. Give me, their number and I will call them now.” He took out his cell and waited for her response.”
“I do not know where you live Antonio, or if it is safe to stay with you.”
“Tell me your room number, and I will have my driver there. I want you to be ready, so he does not have to wait.”
“I can take a taxi if I choose to come.”
“Katrina, give me the number. You will come, and it is much safer than a cab. I have a security system in my home.”
“Three twenty seven.”
“Women always listen to their men here. It is expected. You need to learn that right away.” He pulled her in his arms and held her against his body. “Katrina, if you are ready to leave, I would like to take my sister home and I will drop you at your hotel. I do not like the company she is keeping right now.”
“You are protective aren’t you?”
“Yes,” he would make sure no one touched her, ever.

abril 15
BJ Deephouse
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