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The entire short stories series by Aalina Nyx:

Fairy Empowerment:
Learning your skill in the Fairy world takes empowerment. It takes learning who you are and what your true powers are.

Nova finds her way in the fairy world with the help of Ari and Fauna in this erotic fairy tale. Through their erotic endevours Nova finds her true power in the world in order to gain her fairy wings and the respect of those around her.

The Rebel:
A sexy vampire assassin thinks she is simply going out for her next hit, her next target. Will she find out she's been the next target all along? WIll she discover that the rebel is simply a puppet in a grand scheme? In the newest book by Aalina Nyx you'll discover passion, twists and a whole lot more.

To Belong:
Not knowing where you come from can be scary. Being the outcast where you are can make it worse. Belonging is something we all want and need.

In the latest book by Aalina Nyx, Nissa knows she doesn't belong in the Bright forest, but can she really venture into the Black Forest to find herself and where she belongs.

In The Belonging you'll find steamy erotica and that eventually we all come home To Belong.

The Newborn:
What happens when you awaken to find yourself a newly born vampire, a newborn? Do you try to make your way in the world of humans or run from it.

Stella finds herself in exactly that position.

Does she embrace her newly found world or remain in the one that she must now hide within?

She chooses to become a vampire in all it's glory and is soon mixed up with Mistress Evelyn, who gives the newborn everything she never knew she wanted and more.

Erotic, telling and quite the bite of a story.

The Dark Side:
The Dark Side escapes the realm of traditional folklore. It brings to life a Dark Fairy, a Dark Queen who rules her world, and conquers all that shall enter it, including the innocent, submissive Lobelia. It shows us that even in the light, there is always a dark side. Welcome to... The Dark Side

A Good Friend's Gift:
Vampires thirst for blood... or do they?

In this latest short story from Aalina Nyx you'll discover that even that which you thought of yourself may not be true if granted the right circumstance, and pair of hands. Julia is in a loveless marriage, has been for centuries. Will she find solice and more... In A Good Friend's Gift?

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Aalina Nyx
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