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Crack detective, inventor, and woman of mystery Ace Carroway's next case turns personal when one of her associates goes missing.

It's summer solstice at Stonehenge, 1922. Archaeologist Sam Biming keeps a midnight vigil to make sure none of the tourists trip into his dig site. A horrible scream rips through the air: the sound of sudden, excruciating death. The crimson splashes on the heel stone tell of grisly bloodletting. But no slashed body lies among the rays of bloodspatter, only a mysterious, solid gold ankh. 

The ankh comes from ancient Egypt, but crafted recently. Sam chases the paradox, to his undoing. By the time Ace arrives, Sam has vanished.

Clues point to a secretive order of jester-assassins. But these assassins served the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and should have disappeared three thousand years ago.

Should have. 

To  rescue Sam, Ace must unravel the most bizarre set of clues she's ever encountered, across three thousand miles of travel and three thousand years of time. It's a puzzle to stymie even Ace's formidable intellect.  Solve it she must, but if she does, one thing is clear. Assassins lie in wait at the end.

This book contains: Stonehenge. The British Museum. The mighty Nile. Hippopotamus. A knife of solid gold. The secret guardians of darkness. A diamond necklace tossed contemptuously into the dust. Sweet Egyptian coffee. The ability to walk silently. Sunburn. A deposed pharaoh rotting in prison. Tweed.

Ace Carroway and the Midnight Scream is fifth in the Adventures of Ace Carroway series. Content rating: teen. 

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
enero 4
Guy Worthey
Draft2Digital, LLC

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