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After Dinner Conversation Magazine

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Named Top 10 "Best Lit Mags of 2023" by Chill Subs

Delight in intriguing, thought-provoking conversations about ethics, philosophy, and social issues! After Dinner Conversation is a monthly literary magazine publishing short fiction. Each issue features both established writers and up-and-coming authors who contribute fascinating philosophical insights on controversial topics like marriage equality, assisted suicide, the meaning of death, animal rights and defining your "purpose." It's time to go deep in search of truth! If you love reading imaginative short stories on hot topics that make your brain think deeply but also have you laughing out loud... then this magazine is for you!

"After Dinner Conversation" Magazine - June 2024

Going Through the Motions: A self-help devotee starts his own school.

Today is a Day Like Any Other: A small-time suburban thief enters a house to find a man waiting to die.

The Bathroom: An elderly man becomes focused on the youthful woman next door that offers a glimpse in a life long past.

Uncle Jed's War: An aged Uncle Jed becomes a trouble-maker in his small town against tract home development.

The Z Prize: A woman discovers her baby may be the key to stopping Alzheimer's disease.

Miscommunication: Stuck in a house they can't sell, the owners hatch a plan.

Grandma Ruth's UP Truck Stop: Rachel is called back to her small town when she is informed her Uncle Stewart has passed away and learns the town has a disturbing secret.

After Dinner Conversation believes humanity is improved by ethics and morals grounded in philosophical truth. Philosophical truth is discovered through intentional reflection and respectful debate. In order to facilitate that process, we have created a growing series of short stories across genres, a monthly magazine, and two podcasts. These accessible examples of abstract ethical and philosophical ideas are intended to draw out deeper discussions with friends, family, and students.

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