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My week started fairly average.  New term at school.  Looking forward to 'girl's night out' this weekend.  Had to cover an orientation for prospective students on campus.  All relatively normal stuff…right?  That is how my life had run for really close to two whole decades now.  Ok, I wasn't entirely human.  However, to my non-supernatural friends I was just extremely paranoid about melanoma, so I habitually abuse sun protection products…that's not weird. 

I could have possibly fit the physical stereotype for a supernatural in this realm…but in miniature form.  I was not tall, leggy, or sexy in my opinion.  I was short, had no ability to maintain any weight so a stiff wind could knock me down, my hair lacked luster and was such an off shade of blond it would never be bottled on a store shelf.  I am terrified of needles, I am horribly self-conscious and insecure (whether in my abilities or just about my lack of height), and I am a slight bit of a germ-a-phoebe.  None of which a vampire would ever be concerned with…ok that might be weird.

Funny as it sounds…That is just the short list of my problems. 

I found out in a blink the entire world could go bat-crap crazy and what used to be significant before…easily forgotten the first time you shoot someone when you, as the world, happen to go bat-crap crazy!  Yeah…my weekend…didn't go as the normal 'girl's night out' should have.  I did meet the very stereotypical heartthrob vampire who in fact swept me off my feet saving me from a most devastating demise.  His payment…I change his entire existence as well.  I even drug his friends and my family along…because I am just that awesome of a gal!

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Dawn M Hyde
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