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Chris Rimwood feels like 14 going on 30 because he has serious responsibilities to keep his sister and six other children safe in the dark secrets of the Rimwoods' foster home. He is a young assistant organist at his church, and a secret detective on the case of a seven year old kidnapping. The children in the Rimwoods' house don't get enough to eat and have to wear ill fitting clothes, and obey the control freak Rimwoods about doing all the house and yard work, or else there are abusive consequences from the Rimwoods and their criminal son and nephew. Chris, Wendy and the other six children have small breaks from the Rimwoods when they are with their after school sitters, the Chamberlains. For just a couple of hours, each afternoon, they enjoy playing music and games. All of them play instruments, thanks to the generosity and mentoring of the Chamberlains. The Chamberlains and a new social worker work behind the scenes to bail Chris and his kid family out of the grim Rimwoods' control. The eight children move in with the Chamberlains in time to enjoy Halloween. At Thanksgiving they learn the shocking fate of the Rimwoods when the Rimwoods criminal son and nephew, who lived in the basement apartment, do a final fiery act which terminates their reign of terror for Chris and his kid family. Chris finally feels safe enough to share his secret detective notes with the Chamberlains about him and Wendy being kidnapped in a vehicle jacking seven years before. This sharing of the notes is triggered by Chris finding pictures of himself and his sister on the back of an advertising postcard naming them as missing kids. Chris and his sister meet a real detective who believes their story and can get them reunited with their real family and reclaim their real names of Daniel and Katie Adamson. The Adamson children get to enjoy playing in the grand reopening concert at the Palace Theatre under their real names. Daniel won a solo position in the concert at the summer young organists' recital, along with his friends Wes Hawthorne and Jeannine Hiller. Katie gets to play violin in the concert orchestra. Daniel and Katie learn their real family will be the Chamberlains' neighbors and they will continue with their good schools and being close to their kid family. The other six children will eventually be adopted by the Chamberlains. Will Daniel's older sister, Margo, forgive him and Katie for not calling the police sooner about their captors? Stay tuned for Daniel Glad To Be Adamson as he copes with his rebellious older sister, carries on as assistant church organist and finds a new secret detective case to be intrigued about.

octubre 23
Beverly D Harris
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