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With two grown-up sons, a satisfying job as a journalist, great friends and plenty of interests, life for Jane Mundy was humming along nicely when, out of the blue and in the most unlikely of places, she met Graham. In no time at all she had abandoned her comfortable life and run away with him to Bolivia. The so-called Tibet of the Americas is the highest, the most remote and the most traditional of all the South American countries. It has ‘futbol’, witchcraft, cocaine, llamas both dried and alive, and more changes of government than any other country — and, of course, it has the bowler hat.

From doing battle with the Spanish language to caring for a mountain puma in a wildlife refuge, from braving the steaming hell of the Potosi silver mines to risking life and limb on the World’s Most Dangerous Road, Jane and Graham dived headlong into life Bolivian style — and survived to tell the tale! This humorous, inspiring book shows what can happen for those who are prepared to be open to change, to embrace opportunities and to take risks … and proves that no one is ever too old for adventure.

Jane Mundy had barely heard of Bolivia, a country that seldom makes the headlines. The only images she had were of people rioting in the streets over the downfall of yet another government, and of the indigenous women, called ‘cholas’, who get around in funny bowler hats. But less than six months after meeting Graham, a man who shared her own restless urge to escape everyday routines and live more dangerously, she had packed up her life and taken off with him to this most intriguing of South American countries.

‘Cholas in Bowlers’ is the vivid account of Jane and Graham’s adventures set against the backdrop of their fledgling relationship.

Jane Mundy was born in Melbourne and studied Psychology and Politics at Melbourne University before working for over twenty years as a counsellor and teacher. At the age of 40 she realised a lifelong dream of becoming a journalist and has specialised in writing about the health and welfare sector, higher education, wildlife and travel.

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