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And you thought that you could jump high and run fast? A Cougar can jump 18 feet straight up into the sky! It can outrun the fastest Olympic sprinters with ease!

Cougars are the biggest cats that purr. They are also the best hunters of all the big cats. They catch 80% of all the prey they chase. Lions can only manage 10%!

Discover where they live, what they eat and how they hunt.

Filled with full color illustrations, fascinating facts and easy to understand text. For readers, from age 6 to 100!

Enter the amazing world of these shy creatures. You will be surprised by the feats that they perform every day!

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Book Contents:

1. Discovering the World Around Us — Vol 5

2. What are Cougars?

3. Do Cougars have other names that we know them by?

4. What do Cougars look like?

5. How big is a Cougar?

6. How to spot a Cougar ...

7. Where do Cougars live in the wild today?

8. Where do Cougars like to live?

9. How many are left in the wild?

10. How long do Cougars live?

11. What does a Cougar eat?

12. Some of the prey that Cougars eat

13. How often does a Cougar hunt?

14. How fast can Cougars run?

15. How far can Cougars jump?

16. How far do Cougars roam?

17. What about Cougar babies?

18. More about Cougar kittens

19. How have Cougars adapted to the world they live in?

20. Are Cougars dangerous to humans?

21. Cougar Fun Facts

22. More Cougar Fun Facts

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