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Books 1 - 3 of the gripping Dalton & Nash British Detective Crime Mysteries.

Cold Flame

Obsession, lust, murder - and a secret which will rip everyone apart...

Twelve years after participating in a bank heist, Carl Fisher is celebrating his fortieth birthday. Hours later his body is discovered in his hot tub, a single gunshot to his head signifying an execution style killing.

DI Grace Dalton is called upon to crack the case and bring the killer to justice but the more she investigates, the more she realises his lifestyle and criminal activities have accumulated a long list of enemies. 

Grace soon realises that if she is to solve the case she must go back to the start where a shocking revelation will reveal how pure, deep seated rage is found in the most unlikely, and quiet places.

A gripping thriller with a breath taking twist, Cold Flame is a dark British detective novel which will keep you guessing until the end.

See What You Made Me Do

Are You Still A Murderer If Someone Else Does The Killing?

A dangerous Internet game is sweeping the schools and when the body of a young girl is found at a nearby beauty spot the evidence points to her being the fifth teenager to take part. The only difference is...the others survived.

Grace Dalton is swiftly assigned to the case. As the location of the murder triggers painful memories of her own ordeal and the press pick up on the similarity, she is determined not to let her past cloud her judgement. Plunging herself deep into the teenagers' lives she soon unearths a tangled web bound together with resentment, injustice, greed and an unstoppable thirst for revenge. Now, it's down to Grace and her partner, DS Ryan Nash, to race against the clock to save the next victim before the killer strikes again.

All For You

Two gruesome murders. Two families bound together by a dark secret. Everyone has something to hide but only one is the killer.

When a badly decomposed body is pulled from The Thames hooked on the anchor of a couple's yacht, Dalton and Nash are called to the scene. Wrapped in tarpaulin and weighted down with bricks and concrete, forensics soon confirm that the death was a result of foul play. Worse still, whoever it is, was alive when they were plunged into the icy cold, dark water. With only a partial ticket in the victim's clothing and any DNA now degraded, the task of finding their identity and opening a murder investigation rests with Grace and Ryan.

To solve the case, they must go back to where the feud between the families started and reveal an event which changed their lives forever. Everyone has something to hide. Everyone has someone to protect. But who is the killer?

Praise For The Author

"My interest was held throughout and when the perpetrator was finally revealed it wasn`t who I thought it would be. Always a sign of a good crime thriller." ~ Marion Butler

"(As a retired police officer I do still like a good crime!) what a lovely surprise this was. I couldn't put it down, loved the characters from the beginning and a great story which stayed interesting throughout." ~ Amazon Customer

"Another twisty, turny book when reading this everything else around you just disappears as you get so engrossed in it. DI Grace Dalton and her partner Ryan Nash total opposites so gripping." ~ Sharon Hurst

"... the best police thriller I have read in a long time. I cant praise the authors writing highly enough. I just love her work..." ~ MCR

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