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Across Rough Seas To Her California Cowboy (A Mail order Bride Romance) - A pregnant and widowed English woman travels across rough seas, trying to reach her promised mail order husband in California. She runs out of funds in St. Louis and it’s only through the kindness of strangers that she is saved. On the other hand, her cowboy has many trials of his own and it’s only through the kindness of strangers also, and one in particular, that there is a chance of them ever meeting up.

From Kansas To Nevada & Preferring The Other Cowboy Brother (A Mail Order Bride Romance) - A woman leaves a small town in Kansas after corresponding with a man in Nevada, then travels to meet her new intended. The man she thought she knew by his letters turns out to be very different, rude, inconsiderate and crass. She is introduced to her fiancé’s brother and finds him a far better person than the man she is supposed to marry. She starts to fall in love with the brother and believes that he feels the same way about her, but she’s in a quandary as she has no idea how her fiancé will act.

Mail Order Bride: The Disfigured Widow Realizes That Home Is Where Love Is Given - A woman from London, disfigured by an insane serial killer, decides to move in with her cousin who lives in America after writing to her about a potential husband. When she meets a local pastor she is surprised that her disfigurement or past profession does not bother him. Through him, she strengthens her love for God and family.

Mail Order Bride: The Destitute & Illiterate Widow From Chicago & The Cowboy Widower In Texas - A destitute and illiterate widow from Chicago takes a chance on a mail order bride ad, and after the agency corresponds for her with a cowboy in Texas, she makes her way to him. He is also a widower so they both have previous lives to cherish as well as finding new love with each other, if they can. There is one thing she hasn’t told him about herself and a crisis tests their love when she’s been there a short while.

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Lisa Castillo-Vargas
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