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Cole hated to work in the city, but after his dad had a heart attack, he agreed short term. His cousin Jared was his dad’s assistant and would be a key to keep it going strong. Cole had a Master’s in business, but would rather to stay at the ranch. Before he left, he had agreed to seduce Elisa for revenge for his cousin, even though he had never met her.
When he showed up to the party, it did not take him long to have her in his arms. He used all his male skills until he had her in his room all night. The next morning he told her the gig was up, and he was leaving explaining to her. He used her for revenge.
Elisabeth had just turned eighteen when she met Cole. She slept with him and he never used a condom. She was pregnant now, and he did not want anything to do with her. When she learned the truth that he thought, she was her cousin Elisa, she finally understood. She confronted him to let him know he had ruined her life for nothing because he had the wrong girl on her way out of town. Now she needed a job and a place to live. Her chances of going to college were over.
Cole had security follow her and arranged for her to work on his ranch as a housekeeper/cook with his mother until he sold his dads company and returned to the ranch. If she were having his child, he would marry her and keep her here, even if she wanted nothing to do with him. He seduced her once, and he could do it again. He would keep her happy in his arms. The bedroom was never going to be a problem. His old girlfriend was. Causing her to lose the baby when she pushed her down the stairway on her wedding day. Somehow, he would convince her to stay with him forever. She was the perfect wife for him.

marzo 25
BJ Deephouse
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