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Mail Order Bride: The Distant Widow & The Divorced Rancher - A widow with four children, whose husband was killed by the police because of shady dealings, decides to travel west and become the mail order bride of a divorced and well-off rancher. The children and the rancher get along very well and her children are happy, but she cannot warm up to the man until a crisis intervenes.

Mail Order Bride: The Civil War Veteran Settles Down - man who fought in the civil war and knowing that his family died in a fire, returns to his ranch after a long period of wandering. It is almost gone to dust now and so he goes to nearby Tucson and checks in with the family lawyer and is surprised to learn that funds from the sale of cattle and other things have been put into a trust for him. He is a wealthy and now he realizes that all he lacks is a family. His closest neighbor has a cousin that needs a home, as she has been a nanny to three children, but they are growing fast and his neighbors feel like she’d be a good candidate for the lonely cowboy. When the woman arrives at the train station the only emotion that the cowboy feels is shock.

Mail Order Bride: Accident Prone & Headed For Her Tall Cowboy - An overweight and accident-prone woman from Boston decides to make her way to Oklahoma, and to a tall cowboy with a checkered past. She doesn’t know that, and when she finds out, has almost decided to return to Boston when a few odd incidents drive any thought of returning home right out of her mind.

Mail Order Bride: Jennifer Plain And Tall, And Her Widower - A plain and tall young woman with a gentle soul travels back to Texas where her family ranch is, to be with her fiancé who she has corresponded with. He’s a widower with four children and barely makes ends meet, and when his relative cuts off the water to his ranch he suffers along with his cattle. He finally asks the woman to be his wife and she then takes the entire family out to see her old home, which her fiancé believes she will leave him for.

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Beth Overton
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