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Gems of Hidden Wisdom

by Narinder Nath

Today, a busy and stressed professional has little time to go back and the ancient scriptures of India, which define a way for leading a happy, stress free and virtuous life. How many of the young professionals would remember the sayings in our Vedas, Upnishads and BhagvadGita ? This book is my attempt to provide, with a short summary and analysis of our scriptures and introducing them to the sayings of the Great Gurus of ancient and Modern India across all religions and sects, which will inspire every reader. The simple presentation of the complex principles enunciated in old treatises will guide the young, to apply the learning for leading a stress free and purposeful happy and healthy life. I do believe that this would also help young mothers and fathers to introduce this great hidden wealth of India to their children for the benefit of future generations. Teachers and students will also find them introducing and useful. A path to lead an eternal blissful and happy life has been beautifully illustrated in chapter 5. This is a book not to be missed in the present scenario.

About the Author

Narinder Nath (born 1932), received his Master Degree in Maths and Statistics from Punjab university, underwent training in designing of optical systems under the guidance of a German Expert for four years in ordnance factory, Dehradun, switched on to the Central Secretariat Service, worked as a Controller Imports and Export Promotion Officer (Books), Under Secretary (Book promotion) Deputy Secretary (Adult Education), as Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice, and Executive Director, F.I.P. Trained in copyright under a fellowship offered by World Intellectual Property Organisation, Geneva in copyright offices in Washington, London, Paris and Geneva and in Computer Science from Siepe-optimation, Rome. Received training for a short period in Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. Represented Ministry of Education in International Book Fairs held at Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Singapore, Cairo, Hongkong, Sofia and did a market study of Indian books in Indonesia, Malyasia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Beirut, Author of many papers on Export promotion, and book publishing. Assisted The Federation of Indian Publishers in the successful organisation of 20th Congress of International Publishers Association in 1992 attended by 800 publisher from 43 countries. Served as a Liaison Officer for Delegations of Authors from China, Russia and Bangladesh under the cultural exchange programers.

He is an active member of Arya Samaj and a follower of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is an ardent liver of books, had been with the books and for the books.

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